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MONIQUE PÉAN is committed to luxury bespoke products that promote social and environmental responsibility. Quality and sustainability are promised throughout every stage of our fine jewelry production and are at the core of MONIQUE PÉAN’s social mission.


MONIQUE PÉAN’s in-house production experts oversee all aspects of jewelry production – from sourcing to stone setting – to ensure the highest standards in quality and sustainability. Displaying equal commitment to environmental and social issues within the fine jewelry industry, MONIQUE PÉAN ensures that all materials are gathered using environmentally responsible procedures. MONIQUE PÉAN also works to empower indigenous artists in developing communities by creating sourcing partnerships that provide jobs, skills and income to the artisans within these communities. MONIQUE PÉAN supports fair trade and ensures strict labor and safety practices for all of its partnerships domestically and abroad.


MONIQUE PÉAN uses 100% recycled metals to ensure eco-friendly fine jewelry of the highest quality. By using recycled gold, MONIQUE PÉAN seeks to reduce the demand for new gold and incentivize the mining industry towards cleaner practices. Reclaimed metals come from post-consumer sources including antique jewelry and industrial metal. Because recycled 18 carat gold and platinum is re-refined into its pure form, it is identical in quality and color to newly mined metals.

Monique has worked closely with Michael Kowalski, CEO of Tiffany & Co., to obtain sustainable resources. Some of her signature sustainable materials include 18 carat recycled gold and platinum, conflict and devastation free diamonds, sustainable gems, repurposed diamond slices and locally sourced eco-friendly fossilized woolly mammoth and walrus ivory.

MONIQUE PÉAN is a member of the No Dirty Gold campaign, a supporter of the Too Precious to Wear campaign and a contributor to charity:water and Partners in Health.