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The K'ATUN Collection was designed after Péan’s visits to Mayan archaeological sites throughout Guatemala. The collection’s name denotes a unit of time in the Mayan calendar and references the designer’s ongoing interest in the life cycles of nature. In Guatemala, Péan witnessed the once monumental pyramids of Tikal, now in ruins and shrouded by the natural overgrowth of the region’s tropical flora. Drawing inspiration from her trip for her new collection, Péan explores themes of structure and time, with a particular focus on geometric patterns, ancient and modern architecture and the repetition of symbols and shapes.

K'ATUN was the designer’s first foray into the use of fossilized dinosaur bone, dating to the late Jurassic age (146 to 156 million years ago). The fossils, first discovered in their original bone shape, are paired with Guatemalan jade, a material that, for the Ancient Mayans, signified life, fertility, and power.