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MONIQUE PÉAN’s KOYO Collection expands upon the inspiration of the designer’s travels throughout Japan. The Japanese word Koyo refers to the change of fall foliage and connects with MONIQUE PÉAN’s reverence of nature. The collection prominently features dendritic agate and dendritic opal, both known for their intricate, natural foliage-like patterns.

Within the KOYO Collection, the designer explores various visual triads, seen in pieces that combine natural striped agate, dendritic agate and covellite, surrounded by 18 carat recycled gold and conflict and devastation free white diamonds.

Péan utilizes detailed craftsmanship to explore architect Tadao Ando’s use of bold, geometric and angular shapes juxtaposed with the soft curves of traditional Japanese architecture. This influence appears in the KOYO Collection in delicate recycled gold earrings, pendants and rings, featuring negative space between two curved lines.

The KOYO Collection comments on the importance of the ocean to Japan through the use of sustainable French Polynesian pearls and the introduction of fossilized shark teeth. Sustainably sourced, the deep greys and blacks of the fossilized shark teeth are highlighted by the surrounding 18 carat recycled gold and white diamonds. Through these materials, Péan creates a color palette of moody blacks and luminous grey- greens, highlighted with intricate, delicate patterns.