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The inspiration for MONIQUE PÉAN’s LAHNSE collection was driven by the achievements of Modernist architects as well as the distinct design aesthetics found in Norway. LAHNSE simultaneously pays homage to the blueprints of modern architects and to the unique finishes found in Norwegian construction. LAHNSE, a derivation of the Norwegian word for balance, highlights the designer’s interest in the graceful juxtaposition of negative space and layered texture.

The designer integrates the new materials of gilalite, dendritic agate and lepidolite into the collection and refines the use of spectrolite and labradorite. The selection of dendritic agate, into which fossilized foliage and staffs of tourmaline are trapped, echoes the rich and varied flora that is typical of eastern Norway. The new materials, combined with the signature fossilized materials of woolly mammoth ivory, walrus ivory, dinosaur bone and jet, create a unique color palette with focused areas of bottomless blacks, bright blues and distinct rays of yellow.

The collection’s structural design endeavors reflect Péan’s continued interest in minimalism, form and geometric pattern. The emphasis on texture was specifically influenced by the Oslo Opera House’s undulating wall while scrimshaw design patterns were derived from Mies van der Rohe’s architectural blueprint for the Barcelona Pavilion. LAHNSE achieves a seamless balance of natural materials, constructed texture and inspirational design with unparalleled artistic vision.