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The MIRU Collection evolved from Péan’s AHE Collection, drawing inspiration from the designer’s trip to French Polynesia to source environmentally friendly materials and visit a sustainable pearl farm in the region. The collection takes its name from the various derivations of the idiom “evening star” found in languages spoken throughout French Polynesia.

“While the AHE Collection was an exploration of the patterns created and refracted by daylight interacting with the deep waters of the Tuamotos lagoons, the MIRU Collection literally came from the darker side of the very same inspiration,” Péan explains. “There is something so magical about the way the moonlight dances on the waves and creates endless intricate patterns. I was entranced by how quickly and dramatically these patterns would change and all the various hues revealed in the ocean during the time between sunset and the growing darkness of nightfall. During that time, there was both a sense of absolute tranquility and tension created by the mystery of what remains unseen.”