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MONIQUE PÉAN’s SETO Collection was inspired by the designer’s travels throughout Japan and the juxtaposition between the country’s traditional art and the minimalist works of architect Tadao Ando and various artists in Dia’s collection. The collection is named after the Seto Inland Sea, which surrounds the island of Naoshima, known for its numerous contemporary art museums.

Péan references the aerial view of Ando’s simple, graphic shapes against the island’s natural landscape by surrounding painterly patterned agate and tourmalinated quartz with bold structural settings as she continues to explore her interest in geometry and spatial planes.

Additional influences of the SETO Collection include Kenzo Tange’s Saint Mary’s Cathedral in Tokyo and a selection of works featured at Dia Art Foundation in New York. These works explore the use of line to create an awe-inspiring vision of grand scale. Péan adds texture to 18 carat recycled gold and incorporates delicate natural patterns of unique gemstones and minerals, such as dendritic agate and aquamarine.

The color palette of blacks and whites, deep aquas and blues, and golden sunset tones reflects the designer’s travels to the far reaches of Japan. “It was incredible to watch the sun descend into the Seto Inland Sea while on the coast of Naoshima. I felt as though I were surrounded by only art and water faintly illuminated by a golden hue,” Péan notes.

The black and white natural patterns of dendritic agate and opal evoke traditional Japanese illustration and landscapes, blending beautifully with sustainable pearls, and representing the beauty of the scenic coastal landscapes surrounding Japan. The SETO Collection is the designer’s first to explore Japan and comes on the heels of her two previous Norwegian inspired collections.