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MONIQUE PÉAN’s SOLCIN Collection finds the designer taking an unexpected local turn to Utah for inspiration. The designer traversed the state from corner to corner, exploring Utah’s rich paleontological history, varied topography and remote works of land art. The name SOLCIN speaks to the interaction of Utah’s abundant sunlight, solis, along with the geographic location of Lucin, Utah, where landscape and art merge symbiotically at the site of Nancy Holt’s Sun Tunnels. SOLCIN highlights fossilized dinosaur bone, a signature MONIQUE PÉAN material sourced from artisans in Utah’s Colorado Plateau and septarian, a gemstone formed during the Cretaceous period 50 to 70 million years ago, when the Gulf of Mexico reached what is now Southern Utah.

Most prominent in the SOLCIN Collection is the designer’s interpretation of the arch formations that dominate Utah’s national parks. Péan shifts, inverts, rotates and points this natural and architectural shape, suspending and layering conflict-free diamonds and gemstones within 18 carat recycled gold curvatures. Illustrating this influence, an inverted arch of fossilized walrus ivory swings from a delicate recycled yellow gold suspension, recalling the sun-drenched desert of the Colorado Plateau at high noon.

The voyage throughout Utah ignited the designer’s adventurous spirit. En route to the remote location of Nancy Holt’s Sun Tunnels, the designer was transfixed by the expanse of cream and white salt reflecting the blue sky. Upon arrival at the Sun Tunnels, awe of their scale and synergy with the environment consumed Péan. “It’s incredible that Nancy Holt has been able to create an interactive work of land art that allows the viewer to frame the dynamic harmony of the sun and earth from many perspectives, while remaining a part of it.”

Nature’s intrinsic patterns continue to inform Péan, and she combines these references with the color palette of the Utah landscape. Septarian’s natural noir geometry balances the bold, blue patterns of azurite. Golden yellows surround bright peach and brilliant cream, enticing the viewer and leaving them longing for a moment on a Utah summit.

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