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The TU’TIL collection was inspired by Péan’s visit to Mayan archaeological sites in Guatemala. The collection’s name, a derivation of the Mayan word for adornment, references the pyramids of Tikal, draped with the natural overgrowth of the rainforest. Echoing the untreated, uneven quality of nature in its evolving state, TU’TIL explores the juxtaposition of negative space, three-dimensionality and geometric form.

In addition to the natural world, Péan looked to the work of contemporary sculptor Mark di Suvero. On the artist’s influence, Péan remarks, “I was inspired by the way in which di Suvero indulges negative space, drawing attention to the resulting shapes that are indirectly formed. His sculptures create the unexpected. In this collection, I combined three dimensionality with texture, space and symmetry; I am drawn to contrasts that challenge the eye.”